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One of my clients was looking for Real Estate in Orleans and I referred him to you as from my point of view...You're the best in the business.

Merci Mario d'avoir vendu ma maison si rapidement, cela as été une excellente expérience de A à Z.

It was a great honor for us that you Sir, accepted us as your client in locating a place to call home. We realized from the get go that you are a very busy Real Estate professional, however, you agreed to help us. Your years of knowledge, testament of dedication and your prompt timely response to my calls for information were very much appreciated. This was regardless of what time of the day we called you.

You did your homework meticulously and respected our desirable wishes. You displayed great patience in stressful situations and assisted tremendously in price negotiations. That alone demonstrated how you kept our interest ahead of anything else.
I certainly would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a place in Ottawa and surrounding areas.
Thank you very much for your professional services again.

Thank you for your service. We are very satisfied throughout the sale process. I very much appreciated your help with fixing the minor damages and defects (Humidifier, etc). It would have been difficult for me to handle remotely from Toronto. It was above and beyond what was required by you.

C'est toi que je dois remercier pour avoir vendu ma maison si vite, en plus d'avoir un bon prix. A ceux qui me demandent avec qui j'ai fait affaire pour la vente de ma maison , je dis Mario Charron !